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Custom artwork from Benedict Metal Art is easier, faster, and less expensive than you might think!

"I promise to give you the best art and service possible. Please keep me in mind for those special gifts throughout the year!"   ~ Esther 
ASCEND Metal wall hanging on steel - layered.
Imagine giving a gift that is created especially for that special someone that will touch their heart!  
 Just dream it and it can be done!
      Custom Art
          - Designed specifically for           you
           - From your photos or    
              custom designed for you

           Custom Cutting For Artists/Manufacturing
           - Do you have multiple parts you need cut for your art 
              projects or manufacturing plans?
            - Contact us and a custom file can be made for you, or send your dxf file.
        Quality, customer care, and incredible designs are our promises to you!

        Top Gun Shooting award
        Top Gun Shooting award
        Various sizes of steel wall or mounted awards with natural color and clear coat. See more on Awards and Trophy page. We can do specialty awards for your group.
        Custom-cut Cat Wall Sculpture from client's photo.
        Custom-cut Cat Wall Sculpture from client's photo.
        Steel with natural color and clear finish. Contact BMA about having your special pet created. See more pets on the wall sculpture page.
        Custom Dog art
        Custom Dog art
        Each piece is done from a photo or hand drawn to bring your pet in to the art work.
        Groupings of pets
        Groupings of pets
        Even if you can't get them to allit together i can get them all in the same art piece!
        Unique Art done as you would like or check out my custom in stock designs
        Unique Art done as you would like or check out my custom in stock designs
        Scissor Tail flycatcher panel
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