Custom Client Piece Gallery - On this page you will be able to view custom piece made specifically as custom orders. This will give you an idea what you can have created.
 Think about the following -
  • a special and unique gift  - for you or others
  • a comemorative piece - of an event, of service, in rememberance, celebration, a favorite pet or animal
  • a custom piece for your business to draw attention of clients
Esther loves to do custom work because it means so much to her clients. The process is easy as 1,2 3
  1. Come up with an idea - subject, size of piece, what do you want it to "say"
  2. Determine a budget for the project
  3. Contact Esther and give her your thoughts, ideas, and any input you have and watch the piece come to life!
I first saw Esther's metal work at an art exhibit. I was considering
some type of remembrance of my beloved great Dane that passed last year.
After looking at Esther's web site I decided her work might fit my
needs. Esther was gracious and patient with me in working out a design.
When I received my metal art remembrance of Tito I was in shock! The
metal work that Esther had done brought Tito's energy to life much more
than a picture could. This piece of art has replaced an empty space in
my heart with a warm memory. After talking with Esther Benedict I
realized she has a passion in her heart that comes thru as magic in her
art. I went from considering her work" might fit my needs" to utter
amazement of wonderful metal work she has created. Thank you Esther
Benedict for sharing your great talent and bringing me such happiness.
Thanks so much for all your hard work!  It was great talking with you and knowing that we at Pope are keeping you so busy!  I must tell you that the plaque you did for us back in the spring turned out beautifully.  It was a real surprise for our departing commander and gave us all such a thrill when he opened it on stage and 400+ people in the audience gasped simultaneously, then broke out into spontaneous applause.  What a great feeling to know that we absolutely SCORED! with our gift to him.  It actually left him a bit speechless.  It wouldn't have been possible without your tremendous talent and the fabulous product you turn out.  I'm a huge admirer of the shields you did for one of our conference rooms, too.  I send lots of people over to check them out!  Thanks again for working with us and providing such terrific and beautiful work!
All the best,
Custom Miltary Shield with Superman "S"
We received the package today and it is amazing! greg absolutely loves it and it's very special for us to have! thank you again so much for your great work and your attention to detail...i can't believe how much it looks just like timber.
thank you again!
I have known Esther since the early 1980's when she became our farrier. We share a love for animals, trail riding, country music and art (her for creating it and me for admiring it!) I have always known Esther to be hard working, creative, honest, and willing to go above and beyond to get the desired result. Whether it was patching together a crumbled hoof, custom made horseshoes, making an arthritic horse more comfortable, or designing a piece of art that captures your heart, Esther tackles each challenge with a "can do" attitude. During the past 2 years, I lost two of my best friends. My 26 year old Appaloosa and my 14 year old Dalmatian both left for greener pastures and have left me with a broken heart. A few days ago there was a large package on my porch and when I opened it, I  couldn't believe my  tear filled eyes!  By using one of my favorite photos, Esther sculpted an amazing piece of metal artwork  that not only touched my heart, but will be an everlasting tribute to my special spotted boys. Thank you Esther, you are a treasure! Trot on!  ~Tibbie Dell, Clifton Springs, NY  
This is the trophy done for Bandera
and the National Day of the Cowboy
This layered deer mount was a special gift
for a client boss.  The Dollar was laser etched for clear
crisp details.
This is a stainless steel memorial cross for a fallen officer
in California.  It is done in a boxed in style to give it depth.
The center plate is etched zinc so the details are crisp and clear.
Here is a piece done from a photograph and it captures nice detail
All I had was a blurry photo to work with for this
one but it came out very nice
Custom German style Ash tray with Western Flare
Custom Stainless Steel Truck Mud Flaps
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