Look and see what can be done!
Spring is here and in Texas.
 I think summer has arrived!
Equine Affaire Columbus, Ohio was last week.  Thank you to all who came by to see the art work and al of your purchases!
 There are  many events, special occasion will be coming up. Look at the above rotating pieces and see what can be done for your special occasion or just a gift for yourself.
 "I look forward to working with you on your special projects this year!" Esther
Up coming shows in 2012
  • Equine Affarie Columbus Ohio April 12 - 15
  • Pecan Street Festival - Austin Texas May 5 - 6
  • Ameriquine  (NEW) Festival of the Horse June 1- 2 - 3
     Come by and see me at any of these  upcoming shows!
 Custom art from Benedict Metal Art might be easier and faster and less expensive than you might think.
 I want to give you the best art and service possible. Please keep me in mind for special gifts thoughout the year
 Mini's are now being posted on the Wall Sculpture page and more will be coming as soon as photos are available to post. Please take the time to check them out.
Benedict Metal Artistry is here to assist you in any of your metal art needs. You may not even know you have metal art needs until you see what can be done for you.  Have you ever needed furniture, light fixtures, wall art, gifts, awards or even a garden gate?  All this and more can be done for you and customized so it fits your needs and style.
Just Imagine giving a gift that is created just for them and that touches their heart
                                        Having that piece of furniture or wall
                                                  art that fits your style or fits just right in
                                                  that certain spot.....just dream it and
                                                  it can be done!                                        
      Custom Art
          - Designed specifically for you
           - From your photos or    
              custom designed for you
           Gates and Gate Art                                 
             - Whole gates or just gate art
              - Entrance or garden gates
              - Overhead entrance art and signage
              Architectural Fixtures and Furniture
              - Sconces and lighting fixtures 
                - Specialty furniture
                - Railings and panels
                - Ask about your special project
                Garden Art and Markers
                 - Plant name markers for gardens or nature trails
                - Trail markers for parks
                 Custom Cutting For Artists or Manufacturing
                 - Do you have multiple parts you need cut for your art 
                    projects or manufacturing plans?
                  - Contact us and a custom file can be made for you or send
                      your dxf file.
              Quality,customer care and incredible designs are our promises to you.
              Trout Bench
              Trout Bench
              Painted steel bench with oak seat
              See more on the furniture page
              Custom Rhodesian Ridgeback Association Awards
              Custom Rhodesian Ridgeback Association Awards
              Various sizes of steel wall mount
              awards with natural color and clear
              See more on Awards and Trophy page
              Esther can do specialty awards for your group
              Custom cut cat wall sculpture from client's photo
              Custom cut cat wall sculpture from client's photo
              Steel with natural color and clear finish
              Contact BMA about getting your special pet created.
              See more pets on the wall sculpture page.
              Golden River Run
              Golden River Run
              Layered natural colored steel
              Price $950.00
              See more horse pieces on the Wall Sculpture page.
              Custom Sconces 
See Architectual Fixture and Accents page
              Custom Sconces
              See Architectual Fixture and Accents page
              Steel with clear coat - Other metals can be used - ask about options
              This site is new so please come back and visit for recent  projects and updates
              Contact me today!  
                web site -
                                                  phone : 830-535-6888
                     Please visit our sculpture site   
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                                                        All rights reserved
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